A Tachograph system is composed of the speed sensor, mounted on the vehicle's gear box, and the recording device, ie the tachograph. We offer a full range of analogue tachographs like the KTCO 1318 or MTCO 1324, but also the digital ones like the VDO DTCO 1381. Our models can cover all types of vehicles.

Our company, keeping always in mind the taxi business needs, along with the top-level services we offer to the professional driver, can provide you with versatile and highly professional solutions for your taxi meter.

We repair all tachograph systems, from the motion sensor placed in the gear-box, cable that transports pulses, up to the tachograph itself. We repair all parts of analogue tachographs, such as clocks, odometers etc., and replace all types of digital tachographs.

Integrated systems for automatic limiting a vehicle's road speed. Available for retrofitting on vehicles that are not equipped with a road speed limiter by their manufacturer. Our speed limiters enhance road safety, help decrease fuel consumption and benefit the environment. They also make the driver's lives easier, protecting them from violating the vehicle's legal speed limit.

We can supply you with the full range of authentic Kienzle diagrams for all analogue tachographs. For the digital tachographs we offer the top quality VDO thermal paper rolls. It is recommended to keep extra thermal rolls in your vehicle, in case you need to produce multiple prints during inspection.

From single vehicle drivers-owners, small private firms, up to the largest transport companies, downloading and archiving the data stored in digital tachographs and driver's cards, is mandatory. Our download solutions are innovative, user-friendly and can help companies of any size to fulfill the said obligations. We also offer download solutions for workshops and authorities that need to download digital tachograph data.