Analogue Tachographs

We offer a full range of analogue tachographs like the KTCO 1318 or MTCO 1324. We can replace your faulty tachographs with the corresponding model, new or used - refurbished in prime condition. Our models can cover all types of vehicles and can be installed on all types of vehicles, provided their first registration was until May 1st 2006.

Dogital Tachographs

Digital tachographs are mandatory for all vehicles that first registrered after May 1st 2006. We offer a full range of models by the top manufacturers. We can replace your faulty digital tachograph with the corresponding model. As well as upgrading or replacing of older digital tachographs with newer models that incorporate updated functions like automatic break-rest, one minute rule etc.

Smart Tachographs


From 15/06/2019, all newly registered vehicles used for the commercial transport of goods and whose maximum authorised mass, including trailer or semi-trailer, exceeds 3.5 tonnes, and vehicles used for the transport of passengers (more than nine persons including the driver) must be equipped with the intelligent tachograph.

This has already been laid down in Regulation (EU) No 165/2014. The purpose of the regulation is to further improve road safety, ensure competition in the European internal market and prevent the manipulation of digital tachographs.

Our workshop is fully equipped and ready for servicing the new generation of digital tachographs. Our staff is trained on the whole gamma of works including installations, calibrations and troubleshooting.