Pedal Interface II road speed limiter

Cruise control, speed limitation and speed control. The VDO Pedal Interface II consists of an electronic controller which is mounted between the accelerator pedal unit and the engine control unit (ECU). The output signal of the accelerator pedal is modified to control the road and engine speed.


  • Easy, flexible way to manage engine performance
  • Lower risk of accidents thanks to speed limitation
  • Reduced running costs due to better fuel economy
  • Increased comfort due to convenient cruise control function
  • Straightforward retrofitting – no need to adjust standard engine management software or hardware
  • Flexible deployment options thanks to custom programmability

The Pedal Interface II is available in three different versions

1. Pedal Interface II Standard

- Cruise Control Function and Variable Speed Limitation
Using one of the 3 cruise control stalk options any speed between 30 km/h and 200 km/h can be set. The speed set will then be maintained without actuation of the accelerator pedal. In addition a maximum road speed can be set with the control stalk, which cannot be overridden by the accelerator pedal.


2. Pedal Interface II Enhanced

- Cruise Control Function, Road and Engine Speed Limitation
In addition to the Standard version, this version offers a maximum speed limitation programmed using the configuration software manager which cannot be adjusted by the user. This function fulfils the EU directive 92/6 for vehicles > 3,5t (road speed limiter). Other functions include additional speed limits activated by status inputs and a maximum engine speed limitation, which leads to fuel savings and a reduction of engine wear.


3. Pedal Interface II Premium

- Cruise Control function, Road Speed Limitation, Engine Speed Limitation and Engine Speed Control
Along side the features of the Standard and Enhanced versions the Pedal Interface II Premium version enables engine speed control. The engine speed can be controlled using several options: cable-remote control, the cruise control stalk or status inputs. The engine speed can be adjusted to a pre-selected values programmed within the configuration manager. The status inputs can also be used for a fuel limit function. This allows the accelerator pedal output signal to be limited to a preset % programmed using the configuration manager from 0% to 100%. It is possible to override the position limit with the cruise control function.