VDO Download Keys

We sell the full range of VDO keys for downloading digital tachograph data. With the reliability and guarantee of the largest digital tachograph manufacturer.

DLK Pro TIS-Compact (EE) key Specifications

  • Downloading, archiving and management of data, plus infringement monitoring, all in one device
  • Downloading of mass memory and driver card data to all digital tachographs (compatible with 12V and 24V devices)
  • Data download straight from the driver card via the integrated chip card reader
  • Handy 2.2" TFT touch screen for evaluating vehicle and driver activities and displaying infringements, the download status, the charge level of the rechargeable battery and the currently available memory capacity
  • Additional LED for displaying the download status, plus an acoustic signal when the download is complete
  • Reminder for required downloads
  • Signature checking of the download files
  • Simple archiving of mass memory and driver card data on separate system disks, with graphic support
  • Exporting of data to other PC applications
  • Printouts of driver card and mass memory data
  • Memory for around 6,000 quarterly downloads
  • 2 GB memory
  • Available in Eastern European languages
  • One Key for up to 5 vehicles and 10 drivers

You can download the full user manual from here.

Tacho2safe Download key

The simplest, most affordable solution that can cover the need of any company. In the box you shall find:

  1. The download key for Vehicle Units and Drivers Cards
  2. The accompanying program “TachoSafe Lite” for storing, analysis and printing your data

Extremely simple and easy to use. Takes very little time to learn, thanks to it’s ergonomic design. Without complicated or redundant menus, you can get the reports you want on your screen or your printer with only a few clicks.

Tacho2Safe key attributes

  • Ergonomic and simple to use – easy to use menu
  • Charges through USB (if used with rechargeable Ni-MH battery)
  • 4GB space (can carry more than 30.000 card’s downloads)
  • Incorporated card reader
  • Automatic Driver’s card download upon insertion in the card slot
  • All tachograph download settings (ie. from last download) shown on the device display and changeable using the device keys

Ideal for the trip

  • Can be powered by any standard AA size battery
  • Low power consumption (up to 500 card downloads with one battery)
  • All settings available through the menu (connection to a computer during the trip, is not necessary)
  • Alarm for next download

For small and large companies

  • No restrictions on the number of different Vehicles or Drivers (can be used by companies with larger fleets)
  • All downloaded files accessible by any computer with a free USB port (behaves like any USB flash drive)
  • Can be used as a fixed Driver’s cards download stastion!

TachoSafe Lite program attributes

  • Automatic data import from the download key Tacho2Safe, every time you connect it to the USB port
  • Ability to import and analyse data from older downloads, or downloads obtained by other means (ie. through GPRS Fleet management systems)
  • Download time warnings
  • All imported data fully accessible and all reports printable even if the download key is removed from the computer!